Our LoL Team
Mervin-Angelo ``Dayos`` Lachica

Head Coach

Mervin has been coaching for about a year, before which he was an amateur League player himself. He finished in 2nd place at Dreamhack Montreal in 2017. Alongside his work with Zenith, Coach Dayos has been recognized for his work with the University of Toronto's uLoL collegiate team. When he's not watching VODs or yelling at his players, Mervin teaches himself to play the guitar.

Micah ``3in1warrior`` Sidell


Over the course of the three years he's played, Micah has built himself into a notable player peaking at Rank 35 in Season 8. Though he just started playing competitively in September, Micah has made a name for himself in the scene and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. When asked to comment on his life outside of League, Micah responded ``imagine having a life while trying to go pro in league :4house:.``

Owen ``Vakin`` Ferrier


Owen ``Vakin`` Ferrier is the starting Jungler for Zenith Esports. Vakin is a veteran and has been playing League since Season 1 with quite a few stories to tell. In Season 8 Vakin peaked within the top 50 players in NA and ended the season ranked number 81. Vakin has been playing League competitively in the amateur scene for a year now and has already made a reputation for himself as a top force in the jungle. He takes the role of a strong shot caller and team captain, he works well in team environments and helps his teammates thrive to reach their potential. When he isn't playing league he loves music and competitive Smash brothers Melee.

Jarred ``GlissyBoy`` Matthew


Jarred has been playing League of Legends since season 5, and most notably achieving masters with a 79% winrate. Jarred has recently begun playing competitively, winning the Risen League with his former team Kraken and then joining Azio's developmental roster, before finally finding his place on Zenith. Being voted as Class Clown all throughout his schooling, Jarred loves to make people laugh with his charming personality, and also enjoys listening to SoundCloud rappers when not playing league.



Bio Coming Soon

Alexis ``Str1fe`` Masse


Alexis ``Strife`` Masse is the ADC for Zenith Esports. Alex is currently studying at Laval University pursuing a bachelor's degree in actuarial sciences and was previously on Zenith for Dreamhack MTL 2017. Taking a hiatus after a 3rd place at this event, Alex returns to Zenith looking for victories. Aside from working on the rift, Alex enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding.

Chris ``Pookar`` Semp


Chris ``pookar`` Semp is an Analyst for Zenith Esports. Chris graduated Rutgers University with a degree in Sport Management and previously was the coach for Zenith in 2016/2017. Taking a hiatus after a victory at the 2017 Wichita LoL Open, Chris returns to Zenith looking for more victories. Aside from working on the rift, Chris enjoys traveling, bowling, playing basketball, and playing competitive Pokemon.

Christian ``Anchor`` de la Fuente

Substitute Jungler

Christian ``Anchor`` de la Fuente is the Substitute Jungler for Zenith Esports. Christian started playing League during the tail end of Season 4, playing casually until making his amateur debut in Season 8. He placed second under Source Esports in the Upsurge Minor League, barely falling short of a first place finish. During his free time Christian enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Frank ``Tomo`` Lam

Substitute Marksman

Frank has been playing League since Season 2, but made his competitive debut this year. Though his time in the scene has been pretty short, he's already made strides getting 3rd place in the UML Spring Split of 2018. When he's not taking bot lane by storm, Frank enjoys hanging out with his friends.