About Zenith eSports

Zenith eSports is a competitive gaming organization, currently competing professionally in PUBG. Over the course of six years, Zenith has built a name for itself. When mentioned, Zenith provokes thoughts of integrity, longevity, and perseverance.

In Zenith’s history we have developed various different types of players into their full potential. Many of our former roster members have gone on to play on the LCS stage for League of Legends. One of our former members brought home the World Championship in Heroes of the Storm @ Blizzcon. While players are with our organization, we instill in them values that carry on for the rest of their careers, and we’re very proud of that.

Zenith’s total competitive earnings exceed $100,000 and of that amount, 80% has gone to its players. We will continue to strive for excellence, and soon we hope to make a name for ourselves at an international level.

Zenith eSports was founded in May of 2014 by Cole Young. In August of 2014 Sam Benfer was brought on as co-owner to assist with the organization. In February of 2015, Sam Benfer took over sole ownership of the organization, and remains sole-owner today.